Full House System


Exterior of the house as it's being built. It's like a giant puzzle, with all the pieces coming together to create a cozy home. Soon, all the bathrooms and the whole plumbing system will find their place inside these walls. It's exciting to see the beginning stages of turning this construction site into a comfortable and functional living space for the whole family.


Look at all these pipes neatly stacked up and ready to go! They're like the building blocks of our house's plumbing system, waiting to be installed and serve us for years to come. It's amazing to think about all the water and connections these pipes will facilitate, making our home comfortable and functional. With each pipe in place, we're one step closer to having a reliable plumbing system that keeps our house running smoothly for years to come.


Now, the action begins! Watch as each PEX pipe is carefully threaded through the walls, one by one. It's like the lifelines of our home, bringing water to every corner and ensuring that our plumbing system is robust and reliable. With every pipe in place, we're building the foundation for a comfortable and functional living space that will stand the test of time. Keep an eye out as our house takes shape, one pipe at a time!

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